Year: 2019 | Month: June | Volume 8 | Issue 2

Study on Controversial Advertising in India

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In the era of globalization, everyone is in competition with others. The world of advertising is also not an exception. Controversy in marketing is nothing new. At any cost, advertisers want to attract the attention of the viewers towards their product. They are always looking for ways to do that. Some also get tangled into controversial issues either intentionally or not, which can harm their brand image. The goal is just one and single - to sell the product by hook or by crook. While some advertisers have undertaken controversial advertising campaigns which have been very successful, some have been damaging to the company. Overtly or covertly, the advertisers break ethical guidelines, challenge the norms set up by the supervisory bodies. When protest erupts, either the advertisers drop those advertisements form being broadcast for a temporary period or move up to the court to fight for their reasons. This research paper focuses on the violation of the advertising ethics in Indian advertising being practiced since many years and its effects on the audience and also to find out the loopholes in the controversial advertisements.

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