Year: 2020 | Month: June | Volume 9 | Issue 2

E-service Delivery of Union Digital Center in Rural Bangladesh: A Perspective Analysis of Client’s Satisfaction

Nusrat Sharmin Khadiza Mohammad Nur Ullah


This paper basically evaluates the citizen’s satisfaction on the e-service delivery of union digital center (UDC) at the grassroots level in Bangladesh. Majority of the people live in rural areas of Bangladesh. Rural local government bodies have been providing them numerous services. Sometimes, rural people need to move to the urban authorities for the faster service as well. The UDC collectively represent and important nexus for service delivery decentralization, local government strengthening, and community empowerment. The centers are enriched with various need-based modern devices. In reality, the quality and the effectiveness of these e-services mostly depend on the satisfaction of the local people and their complement. This study also found that The UDC has relative advantages over alternative service delivery arrangements, and that it has produced positive impacts on bridging the digital divide in Bangladesh. Therefore, UDC faces some serious problems which are also mentioned in the later part of the article with its remedial measures for authority concern.

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