Year: 2021 | Month: June | Volume 10 | Issue 2

Market Share and Promotional Approaches of Pesticide Companies for Vegetable Crops in Jammu District

Amit Ahlawat Anil Bhat Vinod Gupta Malika Sharma Sabbey Sharma Sunil K Rai S.P. Singh


The present paper has described the market share of pesticides in Jammu district. In Jammu and Kashmir vegetables are grown over an area of 63.1 thousand ha with annual production of 1395.5 thousand MT and average productivity of 22.1 MT/ha, which is higher than national average of 17.6 MT/ha. Pesticide market is currently lead by insecticides products followed by fungicides and herbicides, reportedly insecticide demand accounts for 65 per cent of the total pesticide market share. The company namely Insecticide India Limited stands first in the sale of insecticides namely Nuvan with a share of 14.98 per cent followed by Bayer (Fame) and Gharda (Hamla 500) with a share of 14.11 per cent and 11.97 per cent, respectively. The company namely Indo FIL leads in the tally with a market share of 17.38 per cent for selling M-45 Juba in case of fungicides whereas in weedicides Monsanto has highest share in the market (17.27%). Awareness about pesticide companies among farmers of Jammu district indicates that 86.67 per cent respondent farmers were aware of Bayer Crop Science followed by 75 per cent (Monsanto), 66.67 per cent (Crystal), 62.67 per cent (Dupont), 55.00 per cent (Syngenta), 55.00 per cent (FIL) and 40 per cent (UPL). The retail trader influence, company representative influence and on farm demonstration are the key factors influencing farmers’ for purchase of pesticides.


  • Market share of Indo FIL is highest i.e. 17.38 per cent for selling M-45 Juba fungicide whereas Monsanto has highest share in the market (17.27%) for selling weedicides.
  • Majority of the farmers in the study area preferred Roundup weedicide followed by Nomni Gold, Cutout 38 and Agni brands

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