Year: 2021 | Month: June | Volume 10 | Issue 2

A Review on Effect of Covid-19 on Indian Sericulture Sector

Priyanka Chamuah Debajit Borah Shrishail Donaj


Sericulture is an important agro-based industry that involves the production of silk by rearing silkworm. India is blessed with mulberry and vanya silk production due to its favourable climatic and topographic conditions. The ongoing covid-19 crisis has caused a drastic impact in the whole world. This has affected all walks of life, resulted in severe disruptions in all the world’s economic activities, and the Indian economy is not an exception. The nationwide lockdown declared by the Indian Government has brutal consequences in every country’s sectors from the economic growth and development point of view. Like other sectors in India, the sericulture sector has also witnessed the impact of the global pandemic. Due to the disturbance in the demand-supply chain, all the activities involved in the silk value chain have been hard hit by the covid-19 pandemic. Severe disruptions had happened in the availability of the inputs, cocoon and silk prices, raw silk production and marketing of the silk goods.


  • Various activities involved in the sericulture sector were affected by the covid-19 pandemic.
  • Difficulties in marketing of cocoons, silk and silk products.
  • Silk face mask became a boon to the industry.
  • Initiatives of Government and Central Silk Board to become self-reliant in silk sector.

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