Year: 2021 | Month: December | Volume 10 | Issue 4

Model Village Development in Indian Himalayan Region: An Overview of Initiatives and Activities

P. Ghosh


The rural landscape in India is in need for radical transformation right up to the remote Indian Himalayan region which is already engulfed with many environmental and economic problems. Bringing out the transformation is even more challenging because the Indian Himalayan region is vulnerable to natural disasters like cloud bursts, flash floods, earthquakes and climate change driven by anthropogenic activities. The article explores the concept of eco- smart model villages as initiated by our societal change leaders and how till date they are being practiced and propagated as they serve as milestones for welfare of states and for transforming rural development in India. The most successful eco-smart model villages are described along with their attributes for success. The examples of famous eco- smart model villages show that local change leaders, community participation and financial support in the form of government schemes can revitalise rural development. Thus eco- smart model villages hold the potential to bring about transformation in rural development in India and Indian Himalayan region in particular.


  • The rural Indian Himalayan region needs a sustainable transformation.
  • Eco-smart model villages can overcome the environmental and economic problems of Indian Himalayan Region.
  • Eco-smart model villages have been initiated by many pioneers in the past that needs to be restudied
  • An eco- smart model village becomes a sustainable community who can generate and maintain their own resources and improve their standard of living.
  • The successful eco-smart villages show that local change leaders, community participation and financial support from government schemes can revitalize the rural Himalayan region.

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