Year: 2022 | Month: March | Volume 11 | Issue 1

Status of Women Centric Schemes and their Empowerment in Nagaland: A Descriptive Study

Nchumbeni S Ovung Debojit Konwar


Nagaland is a state where 47.62% of the total population are women. Naga women are excluded from the decision-making process, and hardly a few women have been empowered to involve income-generating activities individual income. Many of them are also affected by all sorts of violence in society, which are unseen in most situations. Though there are many schemes for women where they can report any violence or seek help but are either unaware or have little knowledge about it. Women-centric schemes like OSC and Women Helpline 181 support and give guidance to those women affected by violence both in public and private places. The schemes encourage the women to have their own identities and participation in different activities. The study highlights the present status of women and cases reported under OSC and women helpline 181 and the problems involved while implementing the scheme.


  • Women helpline 181 provides 24 hour immediate and emergency response to women affected by any kind of violence in both private and public places.
  • OSC provides support and assistance to those women affected by any kind of violence.
  • 1109 cases were reported in Nagaland under women helpline 181.
  • 328 cases were reported under OSC in Nagaland.

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