Year: 2022 | Month: March | Volume 11 | Issue 1

Evaluation of Village Stay Module (VSM) of Rural Agricultural Work Experience Programme (RAWEP) of Kerala Agricultural University (KAU), India

Sreenath P. Gopinathan Sarojini Sreedaya


This paper analyses the effectiveness of the village stay module (VSM) of the Rural Agricultural Work Experience Programme (RAWEP) of Kerala Agricultural University (KAU), India. VSM as part of RAWEP is intended to give direct exposure to the Agricultural students in the socio-cultural settings and the life of the farming community. The study was conducted as expost facto design in the five locations where VSM of RAWEP of KAU was conducted for five consecutive years from 2012-2017. All categories of respondents were selected through purposive sampling. Data was collected through a structured and pretested Interview Schedule. Perception index, RBQ, factor analysis, and weighed mean were the statistical tools. The result revealed that 58.66% of the respondents had a high level of perception toward VSM and out of the five components, the exhibition had more impact on VSM. Five Independent variables were significantly and positively correlated with the perception of farmers. The development plan was successful in projecting the entrepreneurial scope of crops/commodities unique to that village.


  • Enhancing the duration of VSM, active participation of scientists, proper publicity, providing solutions to farmers’ problems, and providing soil test results at the location is to be considered for fine-tuning of VSM.
  • Agricultural Universities is to impart support to the farming community through agricultural education, research, and extension.

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