Year: 2022 | Month: March | Volume 11 | Issue 1

Managerial Efficiency of Vocational Higher Secondary Education (VHSE) Certificate Holders in Agriculture - A post-Finishing School (FS) Evaluation

Karishma Zen Sreedaya Gopinathannair Sarojini


The purpose of this study is to identify the impact of finishing school(FS) programs on the managerial efficiency of vocational higher secondary education (VHSE) certificate holders. FS are informal educational programs meant only to fine-tune the already acquired skills, and it is not a substitution for any degree or diploma. The design of the study was ex post facto design. Ninety vocational higher secondary education certificate holders who were exposed to FS of Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) were selected through purposive and proportionate random sampling. Similarly, 40 respondents who were not exposed to the FS were also selected. The data was collected through a structured and pretested interview schedule. Correlation analysis, student t-test, principal component analysis, frequency, and percentage were the statistical tools used. The study result highlighted that the majority of the respondents who were exposed to FS were having medium managerial efficiency. In contrast, the majority of respondents who were not exposed to FS had low managerial efficiency.


  • Enhanced managerial efficiency of agricultural diploma holders.
  • Better employment opportunity through Sill development.
  • Standard curriculum for finishing school programmes.
  • Scalability.

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