Year: 2022 | Month: December | Volume 11 | Issue 4

Analysis of Socio-economic Profile of the Members and Dynamics of Grapes Growers Association in Theni District of Tamil Nadu

K.P. Vanetha


The grape is one of the most valued conventional fruits worldwide. Although most of the parts of the grapevine are useful, primarily, the grape is considered a source of unique natural products not only for the development of valuable medicines against a number of diseases but also for manufacturing various industrial products. Since the crop requires huge manpower for harvesting and other
operations, only small farmers cultivate the crop. Farmers Producers Organization is an organization of farmer-producers that provides support to small farmers with end-to-end services covering almost all aspects of cultivation, from inputs and technical services to processing and marketing. Hence, the present study was undertaken with the following objective to study the socioeconomic profile of the members and dynamics of Grape Growers Association in the Cumbum block of Theni district with a sample size of 60 farmers registered in GGA. The respondents were selected based on the purposive random sampling method. The data were collected from each respondent through a pre-tested interview schedule. The results of the study revealed that to adopt innovation farmer mostly prefer joint decision made by member of association of 58.00%, for marketing produce decision made by the member of the association of 75.00%, group activities promote cooperation among farmer, and group activity improved the knowledge of farmer due to contact with extension officer and another farmer these agreed by 75.00% and 83.30% of members respectively.


  • Farmer Producer Organizations.
  • Export orientation.

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