Year: 2014 | Month: December | Volume 3 | Issue 4

Occupational aspiration of agricultural graduates

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Aspiration is considered as one of the important traits of personality of an individual. The present study has to be conceived as a contribution towards understanding of the nature and extent of aspiration of the students. It is essential to understand the various occupational aspirations of the Agricultural Graduates and the sources of information utilised by the Agricultural Graduates for occupation and job opportunities. The study was conducted during September-December 2011 at the faculty of Agriculture, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswa Vidyalaya (BCKV). The sample consists of all the 1st semester and 3rd semester students of M.Sc (Agriculture). The analysis of occupational aspirations suggested that while students aspired to a particular type of job, they were not necessarily expecting to get the job to which they aspired. In the context of this study, a higher percentage of students (30%) aspired to be A.R.S performers exclusively, however many were not really expecting to go as a researcher. Among the mass media sources, all the respondents used news papers as sources for job placement followed by websites (88.36%). Among the least used mass media sources was radio (only 1.72%). Among the informal sources it is noted that students received maximum information regarding job from their friends (88%) followed by their parents (50.43%).least used sources for information was neighbours (6.46%).

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